Setup your strategy for your property management business growth, streamline your systems, grow your team, become a leader, develop a CEO mindset, create more income and find more freedom! All without burning out. 


Let me ask you...


✔ Have you been feeling feeling stuck spinning the wheels in the day to day of your property management business?


✔ Feel like you're just stuck at the same level and not moving forwards


✔ Do you find yourself feeling you should be further ahead than you are? 


✔ Do you feel like you're constantly putting out fires and struggling to keep up with the demands of landlords, tenants (and maybe your team)?


 ✔ Do you work so much all the time, struggle to take time off and sometimes wonder if it would be easier to go back to a 9-5?


 ✔ Do you find that you're taking on so much of the day to day despite knowing you should be delegating and offloading the repetitive tasks? 


✔ Does it feel lonely sometimes that you don't have anyone that understands what you're going through? 


✔ Do ever find yourself comparing to others, wondering why it's so easy for them and thinking "there has to be a better way"?


 I hear you. And you're not alone. 



I know how FIRST HAND how frustrating it can be to have big dreams for your property management business but struggle to make them a reality. When the demands of the work, family and life seem to get in the way of getting where you want to go...

That's why I created Your Property Business Mastermind to share my proven systems and strategies to help you setup, step up & scale your property business. 

I want to shortcut your path to become the CEO of your business and finally run your property management business instead of letting it run you!

Like me, despite there being so much advice out there - you've probably felt overwhelmed or uncertain about where to start. Maybe you're struggling with delegation, or finding it difficult to take time off, or break free from the day-to-day tasks that are holding you back from growing your business. Maybe you've got a young family or responsibilities that keep pulling you from your business. Whatever it is, I get it.

But it doesn't have to be this way. With Your Property Business Mastermind you'll get my proven strategies, systems and mindset shifts you need to create more income, growth and freedom in business and life!

Imagine having the clarity and confidence to make bold moves, delegate like a pro, and see your rent roll grow and thrive like never before. 

Imagine feeling fully supported having someone on hand to bounce ideas off, cheer you on, unpack your challenges and guide you in the right direction... 

Imagine saving hours figuring it out on your own and getting incredible shortcuts to success in your business and life. 

So, are you ready to step up and become the leader your PM business needs? Let's do this together.

Casey Healey - Director C21 Newcastle

Hermione and I have now been working together for over six years; she is my go-to for all things in business. Hermione always pushes back, asking me questions to get below the service and to the root of the issues. She isn't backward in having the tough conversations with me, which shows how much trust and confidence we have in our working relationship.

Working with H has paid a dividend for the business with increased asset value, systems and procedures, client satisfaction, team performance, and so much more. Starting out back in the day, we had no real KPI, vision, or goal. Hermione went to work tracking our new business, KPI's, budgets and structured our growth plan for the coming year.

After all these years, I get value and takeaways from every session. I would highly recommend anyone looking to take the next step, take their business to the next level to work with this exceptional individual.

I am going to help you... 


  • Create a clear vision and map the 90 day strategic path for your business


  • Create a smart and sustainable strategies to reach the business goals like a CEO


  • Setup your business systems and procedures to be ready to scale


  • Know when and who to hire, what to outsource and setup your recruitment and onboarding process


  • Step up into leadership in your business and learn how to be a great boss


  • Develop a CEO mindset and overcome limiting beliefs so that you can start to be seen as a leader in your business and industry


  • Manage your time like a CEO, reduce your overwhelm and regain balance whilst reaching your goals


  • Learn to delegate so you can step out of the day to day and become the CEO of your business


  • Harness easy to implement marketing and lead generation strategies to gain more leads, convert more clients and increase growth


  • Improve service, gain more raving clients + referrals and increase fees and profits



A  transformational business coaching program for property management leaders that gives you a leading, experienced and forward thinking coach (and business bestie) in your pocket to supercharge your business results, income and freedom.  


What's included?

  • Monthly short, sharp & interactive, no BS training sessions on the core foundations of scaling a successful and sustainable business - you wont be sitting back and watching -  we'll get you DOING and taking ACTION towards change. 
  • Fortnightly business coaching sessions to get eyes on your business, troubleshoot challenges, brainstorm and nudge you forwards
  • Quarterly 1:1 Goals Session - Let's give you a clear strategy and focus to move your business forwards. Tonnes of templates and time saving tools to shortcut your energy in systemising your business. 
  • Monthly business KPI's reviewed and feedback provided
  • Access to me as your business coach throughout the program via email and whatsapp to ask questions and get tailored support (usually reserved for my 1:1 clients!)
  • Meet and bounce off an incredible community of business owners and leaders like you - learn and create friendships that will last a lifetime. 


I've purposely designed this program to shortcut your path success PLUS save many hours and dollars figuring it out alone. 

This high value program that would usually cost over $12,000 to deliver 1:1 is available at a fraction of that cost and WILL pay for itself in increased income, time and profitability of the business.



Easy Monthly Payments

$297 per month

Most Flexible Option

Upfront Payment

1 x $2999

Best Value

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After spending years as a property manager growing my own portfolio - I've since spent many years  coaching and training hundreds of property management business and teams and building my own business. I understand that no two businesses are the same but that there core foundations that successful businesses have and continually work on.

I've also spent years working on business growth strategy, personal development, leadership and mindset. And in the process added hundreds of thousands of dollars of income and millions of asset value for my clients.

Business won't always be easy, especially when we are juggling life and family demands alongside it - but it is my belief with the right support we can become better equipped to not only handle it but OWN it and create something to be proud of.

Let's me share with you my shortcuts to truely thrive in your property business to save you hours and scale your business faster. 


Hermione has helped take our business to the next level. Her coaching is an integral part of the growth of our business. She is always available to bounce ideas, nothing is too much trouble.


Hermione not only had depth of real estate knowledge from her coal face experience but equally able to understand what both a Property Manager and Business Owner would face in their day to day operations


Hermione is absolutely an incredible woman. I highly recommend checking out Hermione Hart and how she helps leaders and teams inside Property Management 


I always walk away inspired! The way Hermione can break down complex ideas into actionable items is incredible. I always end up with an exciting list of things to implement after Hermione's training. Anyone who owns a rent roll, works in property management or runs a team would benefit from Hermione's expertise!


Hermione offers great perspective and depth of knowledge when working with a Property Management Business owners and their teams.


Thoroughly recommend this and any other courses or coaching from Sidekick - great training from someone who has walked the walk and clearly wants to give back to the industry with support and care for wellbeing too.




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